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Internal Frequency


REIKI is an ancient art of natural healing technique. Rediscovered in Japan by Dr.Mikau Usui. It benefits almost anyone.
Reiki heals the person Physically, Emotionally , Mentally and Spiritually.


Ho’Oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice  and is well-known for the miracle it does in clearing negativity from one’s mind and thought. It is believed  to wipe out all the negativity in our mind and thoughts and those blocks that are keeping us in low frequency.
Ho’Oponopono means reconciliation and forgiveness. In our vibrational, connected Universe, any good that you send out is ultimately received back to yourself. If you believe that you create your reality, and that you are responsible for your life, then you have to accept that you create everything you experience. Ho’Oponopono is like pressing the reset button. It is a spiritual cleanser: you use it daily just like you’d take a shower, remove your make-up or clean your cupboard /Home.
It clears out the negative energy accumulated and removes any bad feelings towards yourself or others. It brings the practitioner to an emotional state of zero.

External Frequency

Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra is an ancient science of directions and study of maps, the whole world and our body is made up of five elements called as panchmahabhoot. Benefits…. If we balance the energy and the five elements at home, office, work place. You attract abundance in all areas of your life. people living in vastu based home enjoy materialistic and spiritual growth and attract luck, name and fame.


GRAPHOLOGY is a study of graphics, drawings, graphs, doodles, science of expression using graphics. Handwriting analysis is based on principles of graphology. Analysis of writing by hands to understand the personality of the writer. ” handwriting is brain writing “. It BENEFITS all ages as it improves memory, concentration, confidence, grades in studies, parent child relationship, reduces mental fear, transform into better personality and positive attitude.

Law of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction is a belief that what you think determines what you attract into your reality. It basically means that if you have positive thoughts you will attract positive things into your life and if you have negative thoughts, well, you will attract negative things.