About Me

Pooja A Shah

I Pooja A Shah from Pune Maharashtra, is a successful LifeCoach, Law of Attraction, VastuShastra expert and consultant, Graphologist, Reiki Grandmaster, Master Hypnotist and counselor. More than 14 yrs now, I have served thousands of people in India and Overseas.

How miraculously I came in this world of knowledge. It was then when I was struggling like many others to be successful, peaceful, and healthy with my profession as a choreographer and scriptwriter. After adding Vastu power to my home, which definitely supported me to grow in my profession and relationships. My faith increased after getting amazing results and then I thought of making others’ life peaceful just like me. I absorbed all the knowledge, experience, theory technically and learnt and practiced. With the blessings and guidance of all my Gurus. And thankful that this universe chose me as the channel to serve others.

I have given and shared my knowledge to many social groups, institutions like Vibgyor High school, Sinhagad college etc. And have many happy satisfied clients today.

My passion is to help people grow in their lives positively.

My Guru once said, ” When something becomes must the HOW does not matter” so I just believe in giving results.

Through Reiki, I have treated thousands of people and patients having multiple illness. Relationship issues, etc.

My clients have gained inner peace and solutions to all their mental and emotional problems through hypnotherapy sessions.

Vastu science has changed the world of many. With the balancing of 5 elements, many have been blessed with abundance in all areas of their life through my consultancy.

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