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About Pooja A Shah

Pooja A Shah is from Pune (India), a successful Life Coach, Law of Attraction , Vastu Shastra Expert and Consultant, Graphologist, Reiki Grand Master, Master Hypnotist & counselor.

More than 14 yrs now, I have been serving thousands of people globally.

My passion is to help people grow in their lives positively.

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REIKI is an ancient art of natural healing technique.

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Ho’Oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice

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Vastu shastra is an ancient science of directions and

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GRAPHOLOGY is a study of graphics, drawings, graphs

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Magic with law of attraction (MLOA)

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Vastu Consultations

Residential vastu consultations With us, avail exceptional advises on the right principles tobe followed on residential vastu. Understanding the requirements of your premises, we provide you with the best of our services.

Office/shop vastu consultations Vastu consultants are the doctors of buildings. Improve your business potential or the success rate of any business via implementation of our vastu principles on your business premises.

Institute vastu consultations Vastu plays important role for institutes varying from educational to vocational organizations. Thus you can always count on us for best vastu consultancy to secure goodwill and results

Industrial vastu consultations Industrial structures need special attention in vastu analysis. With us, get specialized vastu directions for the overall industrial space and give a boom to your productions.

School vastu consultations Looking for best vastu consultant for your school, get our immediate benefiting and cost effective vastu consultations for your school and enhance the treasure building the potent future.

Telephonic consultations Find instant quality results now! However complex your problem might be, we offer quick and reliable solutions via telephonic calls for our services.

Online consultations Get 24×7 online consultation from our expert. Discuss your problems regarding our services and get one-on-one effective solutions via internet only.

Site visit Get our personalized onsite vastu consultancy services for your premises at friendly price. We evaluate your site and assist you with the best vastu directions as per your requirements.

Digital Courses

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Reiki Level wise Certifications

Level 1 & 2

₹ 6000

Regular Price ₹ 7,000

Live support call once a week

Notes will be provided

Duration : 2 Week

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Level 3

₹ 6500

Regular Price ₹ 7,500

Live support call once a week

Notes will be provided

Duration : 2 Week

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Master Level

₹ 10000

Regular Price ₹ 19,000

Complete training for level 1and 2


10 symbols of Reiki

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Grand Master Level

₹ 18000

Regular Price ₹ 21,500

Live support call once a week

Notes will be provided

Duration : 3 Weeks

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Expert Course

₹ 18,000

Regular Price ₹ 36,000

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Duration : 30 Days

Live support call once a week

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What do you learn from MLOA?
  • What is Law of Attraction?
  • Why does LOA work? (4 sub-topics)
  • WWhat is LOA made up of? WITH 4 TOPICS
  • How to Match with Perfect Affirmations?
  • How to be ready FOR affirmations?
  • How to clear negative energy?
  • Techniques to use daily LOA.
  • How to make auto suggestions and affirmations?
  • EMOTIONS: Find, change and practical knowledge in detail.
  • Magical LOA lifestyle.
  • Match your EVBA frequency with goals with details and assignments.
  • IMPROVE your value frequency. (With details, practical and assignment)
  • Emotional rules (2 subtopics in detail)
  • Balancing MALE FEMALE energy (3 sub-topics)
  • Balancing chakras TO BALANCE ENERGY WITH QI GONG + 2 TOPICS.
  • Human needs for chakra ACTIVATION
  • Changing your limiting beliefs and creating new (3 topics & assignments)


  • Formations of alphabet A to Z


  • How to use a compass
  • Colours and Vastu
  • How to get Brahmasthan
  • Sleeping positions and Vastu
  • Mirrors and their importance
  • 16 Directions with their significance
  • Shapes and Vastu
  • 5 Elements
  • Money/Career and Vastu
  • Relationship and Vastu

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In these tough times, Its important to learn new skills rather not only learn skill but skills which will help you to generate sustainable earning sources as well. Our mentor Pooja A Shah will guide you through this journey.

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